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It started with the desire to bring better quality glasswear and apparel to craft beer lovers. I was sick of seeing something I thought looked great online and ended up being a cheaply printed Anvil T-Shirt that fit like crap.

CraftGeer is more than a logo, it's more than a comfy t-shirt or snifter glass - CraftGeer is a premium lifestyle brand.


In early 2012, while touring Weyerbacher in Easton, Pennsylvania, there was someone wearing a t-shirt with a hops cone on it. This wasn't the nicest shirt I'd ever seen, or even something that I would consider wearing. Not because of the message, I mean, I'd love a shirt that told the world I love craft beer, and the ingredients that make it great; but because it was a clumsily designed t-shirt that looked like it was probably stiff and uncomfortable to wear. Nevertheless, no fewer than 15 times during a 30 minute tour, was this guy asked "where did you get that shirt?" That night, I went home and did some Googling. I found some really cool, craft-beer-themed designs, and even ordered two tees. Later that week, when they arrived, there was nothing short of disappointment. Two shirts, two cool craft-themed messages, but two extremely uncomfortable tees.

At this point, we decided that there was an opportunity to do something special; an opportunity to work with some great people to create something for a community of people, that we not only love, but are a part of ourselves - the idea for CraftGeer was born. After working with a few friends to get a general idea for a logo, we reached out to our longtime friend, Michelle Poole, owner of the Seattle-based design firm, The Design Poole. After only one call, the CraftGeer logo was born. The original thought of high-end t-shirts quickly morphed in to ideas for hats, polos,


and (of course) glassware.

We then reached out to our friends who had just started Envalo, a Cleveland-based web development firm. We sold them on the idea that we wanted to build a site that was befitting of the product we were offering - premium quality. Needless to say, they delivered.

CraftGeer was born on the idea of working with our friends to create the world's first premium brand aimed solely at the craft-beer-loving community. Now that our dream of CraftGeer is a reality, we're looking to the craft beer community, our community to spread the word about CraftGeer. If you like what we're doing, tell a friend - tell 10 friends if you really like what we're doing.

We almost forgot, at CraftGeer we know that guys and girls aren't the same, and don't wear the same clothes. Our Women's Geer is made specifically for all of the craft-beer-loving ladies out there who want a shirt that was designed with you in mind.




Jenn & Joe
Co-Founders, CraftGeer